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Springer is in the process of updating SpringerLink with new technology and a new domain name You can now access Springer’s journals and books through the  new and improved SpringerLink site. Here are some highlights of the new functionality and features that have been added recently.

New Functionality & Features

  • Adding information on collection to eBooks: See what collection a specific eBook falls into by looking in the information section at the bottom of a book or chapter page. Clicking that link will show all books in that collection. If you prefer to see a specific copyright year, this can be done by restricting the search results on year of publication.
  • Journal’s Predecessor Information:Many have requested that journal predecessor information is made visible. This feature has been added and a journal’s predecessor information, with links to it are visible on the journal, as well as all volumes and issue pages.
  • Order from My Library:A feature has been added to allow users to request access to locked content from their librarian. The feature is optional and admins can turn it on/off in the Admin Dashboard. The email will go to the registered mins of the site
  • Search results to be downloaded in CSV format: SpringerLink have removed limit on the number of search results within journal facet that can be downloaded in CSV format. This makes it possible to download a full list of journals. The limit is still in place for other search results.
  • “Get Access” button: If a user does not have access to a particular eBook chapter, they will be given the option of clicking on the “Get Access” button. They will be reminded in the pop-up window that they could log-in to their account to check if they have access. They will also have the option to purchase either the chapter or the full book.

Cessation of the old SpringerLink site

The old, “orange” SpringerLink site will be permanently shut off on 31 March 2013. You will be solely directed to the new sites for SpringerLink. Please make note of this date.

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