Write and Cite 4 on the Classroom PCs

RefWorks logoThe classroom PCs in the Medical Library now have Write and Cite 4 installed. The features of this new updated version include:

  • Integration into the MS Word ribbon as a separate ‘RefWorks’ tab
  • Seamless online and offline experience as Write and Cite 4 synchronises with your Refworks account when you are connected to the internet
  • The ability to share across platforms (PC and Mac)
  • The insertion of fully formatted citations, footnotes and bibliography while you type your document
  • For advanced needs – optional bibliography formatting modifications within Write and Cite 4 (modifying a style’s line spacing, indentation and more)

Go to the RefWorks Community website for resource guides, videos, news, updates and tips for RefWorks users. The platform has been designed to offer additional resources that will not only enhance the user’s RefWorks experience, but will also help the RefWorks team connect directly with their users in an effort to identify what’s important to them.

There is no need to sign up or register, the content on the site is open to everyone – that means all new users, dedicated users, as well as those who just want to learn more about RefWorks. Alternatively, visit the Medical Library’s Enquiry Desk for more information.

Medical Library Team



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Medical Library, University of Aberdeen

The team in the Medical Library at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland

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