Diagnosing Ebola in Sierra Leone

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sierra leone

Wellcome-funded virologist Professor Ian Goodfellow is usually based in the Division of Virology at the University of Cambridge, but he recently took a break from his usual research to travel to Sierra Leone and help out at an Ebola diagnostic facility. In the first of a two-part series, he tells us about his experiences in an Ebola diagnostics facility in Sierra Leone and what more needs to be done to get the current epidemic under control…

What is your day job? Tell us a bit about your research…

Ian gfMy main research focus is virus-host interactions, focusing primarily on noroviruses, the major cause of gastroenteritis in the developed world. We’ve used a variety of approaches to try to understand the viral life cycle and more recently have taken the first steps towards the identification of therapeutic approaches for the control of norovirus infection in patients. My interests have recently spread into…

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