Past exam papers for medical students

examsSometimes we get asked in the Medical Library whether we hold past exam papers so that students can get an idea of the kind of questions that will come up in forthcoming examinations and practice answering them. The answer is that we do not have any physical past papers in the Library, and the availability of past exams is down to the course co-ordinators for the various different courses that make up your degree. However, several past papers are available digitially for you to download via DigiTool, the library’s online tool for managing our digital collections.

How can I find the available papers?

First, go to the library homepage at Click on the Search Our Collections tab on the red ribbon, and from the list that appears click on Exam Papers Database (DigiTool). This opens the Exam Papers Search Form.

1. Select the Subject Name from the list or search the Entire Exam Database (recommended).
2. Type a Course Code (e.g. MT5503) or keyword from the exam paper title.
3. Click Search Digitool.

The system will then prompt you for your University computer username and password as access to past exam papers is restricted to staff and students of the University of Aberdeen.

NOTE: Selecting the subject name ‘medicine’ only brings back results directly tagged with the term ‘medicine’. This excludes anything tagged more specifically, for example anatomy, pharmacology etc. A better bet is to leave the top field as ‘Entire Exam Database’ and search the second field using your course code or keyword.

Another option is to browse by college. To do this, once you are logged in to DigiTool click on ‘search’ to the top left of the screen. Then, under Browse Collections, choose Exam Papers. Now you can see under the ‘College of Life Sciences and Medicine’ heading a list of more specific subjects, such as Anatomy, Biomedical Science, Forensic Medicine, Sports Science and so on. Choosing a category reveals the available papers for each available topic.

To download a paper just click on the MS Word icon for the exam script you desire.

Good luck with your exams!

Medical Library Team


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