Do you like sugar?

Sugar cubesThe Rowett Institute needs volunteers for a study looking at how sugar habits develop over time. This study will involve 4 visits to the Rowett Institute on the Foresterhill Campus (free parking available) and some self-monitoring at home. All participants will receive £30 in reimbursement for their time and effort.

This study is recruiting men and women (not pregnant) aged 18+ who would answer “YES” to at least one of the following three questions:

  • Do you regularly consume sugar in your tea/coffee? OR
  • Do you regularly consume sugary soft drinks? OR
  • Do you regularly consume sugary breakfast cereals?

Jackie_DuncanContact Jackie Duncan

Tel: 01224 438795

Jackie s a Research Assistant in the Metabolic Health research group.


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Medical Library, University of Aberdeen

The team in the Medical Library at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland

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