International Women’s Day Conference 2017

On Wednesday March 8th, Marinella Johnston attended the 4th International Women’s Day Conference hosted by the University of Aberdeen. The theme for this year was ‘Inspiring Journeys’ and the very high quality panel of speakers included:

Hannah Miley – one of Scotland most successful ever female swimmers, who spoke about her career, which started at age 3, trained by her father. Now aged 27, she finds herself being referred to as a veteran, which makes her even more determined to defend her title for the 3rd time at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Carron Shankland, Professor of Computing Science at Stirling University, gave a very courageous, frank and emotional talk about the achievements and difficulties in her academic and personal life.

Dr Fiona Pienaar

Dr Fiona Pienaar has a 30 years career in teaching, which started in South Africa, where she was born. She told the audience the interesting story of how she met Nelson Mandela. She later emigrated to New Zealand and the UK. Her research has concentrated mainly on children’s experience of stress and coping. She joined in 2013.

Maysoun Odeh, who set up Nisaa FM, an all women Radio Station in Palestine, which has won various awards and fellowships.

Dr Jen Warren winner of 9 medals at the 2016 Invictus Games, as well captaining the first female disabled team to compete the Arch to Arc. After starting her career in the Army, she trained as an anaesthetist. As she said: ‘Disability might define what you can’t do but the only limit on what you can do is your imagination’.

Timipre Wolo, born in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria is a Law graduate of Aberdeen University, now CEO of TFN Energy Ltd.

It was a very interesting and inspiring day, which made it a good way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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