Origami Workshop and talk

Origami birdsMonday 1st July 6.00 – 7:30 pm
The Suttie Arts Space, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
‘Collaborative Projects on Healthcare – Japan & Aberdeen’
Free and open to all

This event is led by Dr Sundari Catherine Joseph, Aberdeen University, and will involve an origami making workshop where participants will be led through making items using coloured paper and newsprint. A short presentation will then introduce the collaborative working relationship between Japanese partners in Nagoya who work collaboratively with colleagues at Aberdeen University, and will highlight some key points from their projects and the cultural and educational exchanges they have enjoyed over the years.

Dr Sundari Catherine Joseph has worked in Aberdeen for many years in a career that has focused on healthcare education and research. She has linked with Japanese partners at Nagoya University for three projects relating educational and research exchange between Scotland and Japan. She is particularly interested in interprofessional education and collaborative working amongst healthcare professions. She is Vice Chair of the Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE) and received the Principal Fellow Award from the Higher Education Academy. She has presented her work at local, national and international conferences.

Dr Okazaki is a Japanese physician and his interests are focused on patients with diabetes and their distress. He also works as an educator in Nagoya University School of Medicine. Recently he has been implementing applied theatre in medical education.

Dr Suematsu is a Japanese diabetologist and educator for health care professions in Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine. Her personal interest is in international social-cultural differences and this brought her here to Scotland to develop collaborative research between Aberdeen, Scotland and Nagoya, Japan.

Dr Takahshi is a GP in Japan, and faculty member of Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan. His interests are physician’s empathy within undergraduate educational programs to educate patients’ narratives for medical students.

Dr Hanya is a Japanese pharmacist and teaches Ph*rm*cy students about communication in Meijo University Faculty of Ph*rm*cy. Also, she trains simulated patients for education and promotes Interprofessional Education with three other medical universities.

Yui Wakabayashi is a university student major in medicine.

This event is programmed to coincide with the upcoming exhibition
Treasure, by Stacey Hunter, at The Suttie Arts Space
29th June – 22nd September 2019
Free and Open 24/7 to all

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