Med-Chi Zoom Meeting : Public Health is more than infectious disease

Thursday 19th November 2020Medico chirurgical society crest
Via Zoom Meeting at 7.00 pm
Non members welcome

Speaker: Professor Elizabeth Russell

The winner of the 2020 President’s Medal, Professor Elizabeth Russell, will give a lecture to mark the occasion of her presentation with the medal.

Professor Elizabeth Russell, CBE FRSE, was Professor of Social Medicine at the University of Aberdeen until 2001 and, over three decades, played a leading role in the development of public health and health services research. She was the first woman professor in the Faculty of Medicine.

Professor Russell was Medical Director of the project in 1974 that led to the establishment of the University’s Health Economics Research Unit. Professor Russell also created and became Co-Director of the Health Services Research Unit in 1987. These Units have been instrumental in creating and developing “evidence-based medicine”. In 1987 she set up the first B.Sc. in Health Sciences in the University. She continues to contribute to research in public health issues in Scotland.

Professor Russell made a significant contribution to research ethics, and confidentiality and privacy of patient data and so the research prize for the Master of Public Health project was dedicated in her name.

Email for the Zoom meeting link and for CPD Certification forms.

Follow this link for more information on the Medical Chirurigical Society’s current programme.

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