Medical Library gems

Our lovely new blog header is taken from Illustrations of dissections: in a series of coloured plates the size of life by G.V. Ellis, published in 1876.

It is one of the many reference books from the 19th and early 20th century held in the Medical Library. All our reference books are available for consultation in the library.

Come and ask us more about them or even browse them on the Ground Floor of the Medical Library.

Medical Library Team


3-Day-Loans: Service Improvements

Previously you told us you’d like e-mail reminders for when your 3-day-loans were due, so we introduced this in August 2013. In order to help you manage your loans and time we are now taking this a step further by automatically renewing your 3-day-loans for you where possible.Please note that another reader may request any item you have on loan at any time so it will not always be possible to renew for you. You will have to check the e-mail reminder we send as it will tell you whether or not you have to bring an item back (and please be aware that you will befined if the item is not returned on time!). Items will auto-renew up to a total of 9 times, after which you will have to take them back to the libraryin order to return or re-issue them. Auto-renewals are also subject to the level offine on your library record; if you have over £2.00 in unpaid fines then items will not automatically renew.We hope this amendment will mean fewer fines for forgetting to renew 3-day-loans and that you find this to be a useful enhancement to our service.

For more tips on how to avoid library fines have a look here.

Medical Library Team

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho hoWe would like to wish all the Medical Library’s patrons and readers a very happy and relaxing festive period and new year.

The library closes at 12.00 on Tuesday, 24th December and re-opens after the Christmas break at 9.00 on Monday, 6th January.

We look forward to seeing you all back here to make the most of 2014!

Medical Library Team

Festive Feedback

Ho ho ho!It’s Christmas time once again and as usual we have got our tree out of the cupboard. But this year there’s a difference – we want to use it to find out what you think of the Medical Library and the services we provide. It’s quite simple; you just take a paper decoration from the box beside the tree, write your feedback on it with the pen provided and then hang your decoration from one of the branches. You’ll find the tree by the issue desk opposite the entrance to the Medical Library.

What do you like about the library? What would you like to see done differently? What would make it a better place in which to study? There’s never been an easier way to share your ideas, comments and suggestions with us, so come along to the library, help us add some festive cheer to our tree and more importantly let us know what you think! Hopefully in the New Year we can use your feedback to make the library a better place for everyone.

Medical Library Team

Moustaches for Men’s Health

Joe catYou may have noticed that every November a strange, hairy phenomenon seems to take place beneath the noses of men in the UK. While you have perhaps mistaken it for some disastrous fashion epidemic or misguided attempt to keep our top lips warm, in actual fact it’s part of a popular men’s health awareness initiative known as Movember. Basically, what happens is that men get sponsored to grow a moustache for a month and the money raised goes towards battling male diseases such as prostate cancer, as well as raising awareness of men’s health issues.

As the only full-time male member of staff in the Medical Library, I decided that this year I would get involved. If you would like to donate some money towards my attempt to emulate the undisputed champion of the moustache Burt Reynolds then you can find my personal Movember page here:

Many thanks.

Joe Johnston

University of Aberdeen Medical Library