Book of the Month: Prosthetic treatment of the edentulous patient

Book cover prosthetic treatment of the edentulous patientOur featured book this month is Prosthetic treatment of the edentulous patient (5th ed.) by R. M. Basker, J.C. Davenport, J.M. Thomason, published by Wiley-Blackwell, 2011.

This popular book has been written primarily for students in the undergraduate and immediate postgraduate years. The 5th edition has been revised and updated and now includes a section on implant overdentures and over 100 colour illustrations.

This is one of several new books on dentistry that have been recently added to the Medical Library collection. To see all of our new acquisitions, go to the Medical Library’s New Aquisitions web page.

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Featured Book of the Month: the Top 100 Drugs

The Top 100 Drugs, Andrew Hitchings,Dagan Lonsdale,Daniel Burrage,Emma BakerThe featured book this month is The top 100 drugs: Clinical Pharmacology and Practical Prescribing by Andrew Hitchings, Dagan Lonsdale, Daniel Burrage, and Emma Baker, published by Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014.

Here is an excerpt from the publisher’s description:

Prescribing for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience. Of all the tasks performed by new doctors, it is probably the one with greatest direct impact on the wellbeing of patients. Safe and effective practice rests on a good understanding of both clinical pharmacology and practical prescribing. Acquiring this is not easy, particularly when faced with reams of information about hundreds of unfamiliar drugs, often presented in a way that appears detached from clinical reality. This book is your starting point. It is a direct response to requests from students for a compendium of the 100 most important drugs in the NHS.’

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Book of the Month

Principles of DevelopmentFeatured book this month:

Principles of Development, Fifth Edition, by Lewis Wolpert, Cheryll Tickle, and Alfonso Martinez Arias

Here is a portion of the publisher’s description:

‘How does a single cell develop into myriad different specialised cell types, control the organization of these different cells into tissues and organs, and ultimately form an unimaginably complex living organism such as a human? Furthermore, how is it possible for some adult animals, but not others, to regenerate fully functioning limbs?

Principles of Development opens up the fascinating field of developmental biology to those wanting to understand the answers to questions such as these. Cutting edge science is explained clearly and succinctly and is richly illustrated with a variety of custom drawn figures, animations, and links to online movies that show development happening in real time.

The emphasis throughout the text is always on the key principles of development – the underlying processes shared by diverse groups of organisms. This focus on principles provides a framework on which a richer understanding of specific topics can be built. Moreover, extensive pedagogical support is provided, both in the book and online, making this text the complete package for those studying developmental biology.’

Head to the publisher’s website to find out more or just pop in to the Medical Library and have a look!

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