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OvidToday is an easy-to-use app, available for iPad® and Android™ devices. The app offers instant access to browse through our Ovid-subscribed journals.

  • Browse Ovid® Journal Holdings – search by journal name, A-Z or by category to find journals that best fit any specialty area
  • Intuitive Interface and Navigation –  makes reading journal articles a simple experience
  • Personal Reading List – you can create a list of journals to follow, even offline, that is most relevant to your research, practice and education
  • Stay Up-To-Date – the latest content from our subscribed journals is instantly available on the app once on Ovid – including Publish Ahead of Print
  • Read Articles Anywhere – Access up to 6 months-worth of rolling content and PDF articles while on-the-go – on campus or at home with remote authentication

Watch the OvidToday Brainshark webinar online to find of more about OvidToday, then download the app here:

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BMJ Christmas issue 2014

Every year the British Medical Journal publishes a special Christmas issue with spoof and humorous articles, although the mainstream media sometimes fall for the joke.

The Christmas Issue for 2014 includes:

More light hearted articles from the Christmas edition are available on the BMJ web site (available through Primo). The print copy of the Christmas issue is expected to arrive on 19th December.

The Medical Library Team

Ebola news and research

Ebola virus The Science and Science Translational Medicine journals (both published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science)  have compiled over a decade’s worth of material (including much of their published news and research) into an Ebola Virus  Special Collection. This collection on the viral disease has been made freely available to researchers and the general public and can be viewed here.

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The NHS Knowledge Network

The NHS Knowledge Network is a major online electronic library with over 5000 online journals, over 80 major databases, more than 5000 electronic books and much more. It is available to all NHS staff in Scotland and to a range of NHS partners, including all undergraduate and postgraduate students who undergo placements or training with the NHS and social services, those providing education and training to NHS and social services staff, and students and researchers working in partnership with the NHS. Most Medical Library students are eligible for access!

It is a valuable resource for students as it provides access to many major journals which the University of Aberdeen does not subscribe to.  We receive many Inter-Library Loan requests for articles which are available through the NHS Knowledge Network. Some of their journals are freely available, but to get the full benefit of the service you will need to apply for an Athens username and password.

Register for access here:


If you already have an Academic/University/College Athens account you will still need to register separately for a Knowledge Network Athens account, as it provides access to a different collection of resources. Your application for a username and password may take 1-3 working days to process, as your application needs to be reviewed and approved.

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