The Cochrane Library has changed

Cochrane Library logoThe Cochrane Library has recently been updated. The user experience has been improved and information can now be found with greater speed, accuracy and confidence.

The redesign includes:

  • A new URL
  • All pages optimised for smaller device screen sizes – 768 portrait tablet and 320 mobile
  • Open or Free Access Highlighted Reviews are indicated by the icons next to the reviews. Plus, if a review has been used as a Cochrane Clinical Answer (CCA) the Related clinical summary is displayed
  • Editorials now have the image, the title, the date published and a link to all previous editorials
  • Special collections now indicate whether they are Free, via Evidence Aid or complimentary. Plus, when they were last updated and published
  • Within the Collection, icons indicate free access and whether a link is directing to another site
  • The right side of the website is now populated with links to products or web pages that are of interest
  • A new Browse by Topic layout allows users to narrow a search while displaying results on the right of the page

For a comparison of the old and new design and advice on how to find the information you are searching for, read the Cochrane Library 2015 guide – a downloadable pdf file.

The Medical Library Team


Medical Library Makeover – Update

The decorators have finished painting the 1st floor and top floor of the library and are currently working in floor 2.

Work will start on Monday 18th February to replace the carpet and vinyl on the 1st floor and stairways in the library. Access to the stairs may be limited at times to allow for the vinyl to be lifted and the new carpet laid.  Access to the floors will be available via the lift when the stairs are blocked off.

The contractors will start on the first floor in the Reference and Heavy Demand area.

During this time there will be some noise and disruption but we hope to keep this to a minimum.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Medical Library Team