Spring sunshine at Foresterhill


Spring sunshine at Foresterhill photo

Staff and students relax in the sunshine on the Foresterhill Campus

Daffodils on the Foresterhill Campus


The sculpture in the photo was created by the Japanese artist Hideo Furuta. The piece is called ‘Breathing’ and was commissioned to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in 1992.

Spring cherry blossom on Foresterhill Campus


Cherry Blossom at ARI

In Japan, cherry blossom is of great public interest due to traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of the flowers, known as hanami. In modern-day Japan, hanami  is celebrated by having picnics beneath the cherry blossom. These parties may be held during the day or at night, when the trees are lit with lanterns.

Snow falls at Foresterhill



Early morning snow on the Foresterhill Health Campus. The daffodils in the foreground have started to grow again so spring is on the way!

Medical Library Team

Enjoying the sunshine at Foresterhill


Summer at Foresterhill

Staff and students enjoy the sunshine outside the new Rowett Research Institute building on the Foresterhill Campus.